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Leather jackets are my fav🙆


Leather jackets are my fav🙆


Had wife’s relatives over for the week, they always come, it’s fine they’re ok. I had mild food poisoning so I didn’t play host, which I normally do because well the wife is pretty much a shitty host.

So they all left today and went back into the study to turn on my PC because I had a week of freelance work and course undone. Mouse is missing, keyboard doesn’t work.

My Wireless Unity Dongle also missing. looks like this

Ok so its 1:00 in the morning and I wake her up because this is pretty serious stuff, I mean I am about to accuse her relatives of stealing and giving her the opportunity to correct this “misunderstanding”.

I explain to her that my keyboard and pc is rendered pretty much useless, and that I’m really pissed that this should happen. Heres the responses I get.

"You just don’t like my relatives coming over"

"Im not afraid of you"

"I can’t live with you like this"

Huh?  Like no shit.  So stealing stuff is okay now?  and I’m an asshole. 



instagram: @thelifeofjessicaa


instagram: @thelifeofjessicaa

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nature is rad

These are the most stunning nature photos I have ever seen

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